28 November, 2023

The last ITER TF coil manufactured in Europe, with conductors produced by ICAS, has just been delivered to the ITER’ site. Read the full story here: Europe’s final ITER Toroidal Field coil heading to ITER - Fusion for Energy (

31 October, 2023

The JT60-SA experimental tokamak reactor, also built with NbTi conductors produced by ICAS for the Toroidal Field coils, has just performed its first plasma! Read the full story here.

16 September, 2023

Many exciting contributions involving ICAS products showcased this week at the MT-28 - International Conference on Magnet Technology. Among these, CERN reported about "A new generation of iron-dominated electromagnets”, enabled by the MgB2 cables industrialised by ICAS and TRATOS Cavi.

3 September, 2023

ICAS is participating to the 30th EUCAS Conference, in Bologna. A great opportunity to meet the maximum experts and discuss on the latest advances in all areas of Applied Superconductivity. ICAS is proud to be an active part of this community.

11 July, 2022

The tests for qualifying the DTT Toroidal Field coils cable supplied by ICAS have started in the SULTAN facility at the Swiss Plasma Center of the Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne.

10 March, 2022

ICAS successfully completed the first conductor produced for the DTT project, a copper dummy one. It has been shipped to the Toridal Field coil manufacturer for the winding line preparation.

1 October, 2021

“ICAS has been awarded the production of the whole quantity of CIC conductors for the superconducting magnetic system of the DTT reactor.

26 April, 2021

The ITER PF6 coil wound from NbTi conductors jacketed by ICAS, is the first magnet being assembled into the machine!

2 March, 2021

ICAS has successfully delivered to the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics the conductors for the In-Vessel coils of the In-Vessel coils of the ASDEX Upgrade project.
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5 February, 2021

The JT-60SA Toroidal Field coils, manufactured with conductors supplied by ICAS, reached their full design magnetic field.

11 January, 2021

The first Series Production MgB2 Cable Assembly for the HL-LHC Superconducting Links successfully delivered to CERN.
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11 November, 2020

The JT-60SA TF coils, wound from NbTi conductors produced by ICAS, are being successfully cooled-down for the first time!
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21 October, 2020

The first 4 ITER InVessel Coils conductors produced by ICAS have been delivered to the ITER’s site, in Cadarache (France).
Also 22 straight conductor unit lengths have been completed and delivered to the feed-throughs manufacturer, in South Korea.
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23 April, 2020

ICAS was awarded the tender for the production of 4 Unit Lengths of Tefzel Insulated Copper Conductors for the ASDEX Upgrade fusion experiment at Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik in Garching (Munich).
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9 March, 2020

Europe’s first powerful superconducting magnet for ITER is ready. This Toroidal Field coil has been manufactured with conductors produced by ICAS.
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6 February, 2019

ICAS set up a production line to process copper conductors in order to prepare, apply and cure a cyanate ester based primer, aimed to improve the adhesion of epoxy resin insulation to copper. With this semi-automatic line, a total of about 1.5 km of conductors for nuclear fusion application have been already treated successfully in a complete temperature and moisture controlled clean environment.

18 December, 2018

ICAS has been selected by CERN for the supply of MgB2 Cable Assemblies for the HL-LHC Superconducting Links.
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16 December, 2018

ICAS has been selected by ITER for the award of the Phase 2 of “Conductor manufacturing of ITER In-Vessel Coils (IVC)”.
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23 November, 2018

ICAS has been honored by F4E with an appreciation plaque for having successfully supplied superconducting cables for 20 Toroidal Field coils of the JT-60SA fusion experimental reactor. The toroidal system assembly has been completed at Naka site (Japan) and this event has been celebrated at ENEA’s headquarters on the 15th of November, 2018.
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18 September, 2018

ICAS exhibits at 30th Symposium on Fusion Technology (September 16-21, Giardini Naxos, Sicily - Italy).
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20 December, 2017

Chinese company ASIPP has successfully wound the first Double Pancake of the ITER PF6 coil using superconducting cable produced by ICAS.
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8 November, 2017

After six years of intense work, the production of 100 km of superconducting cables for the magnets of the experimental ITER and JT-60SA fusion reactors has been successfully completed. The ICAS Consortium has celebrated this milestone with the event held on November 8th, at Criotec Impianti.
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16 March, 2017

ICAS is one of the Italian industrial excellences participating to the "Italy at CERN" event (Geneva, 4 - 7 April, 2017), organized by the CERN ILO for Italy, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland, and under the patronage of the Italian Permanent Representative in Geneva.
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10 March, 2017

ICAS is now a member of the Consortium of European Companies determined To Use Superconductivity (CONECTUS).
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6 March, 2017

ICAS has been selected for the award of a contract for the qualification and development of the ITER In-Vessel Coils Conductors.
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12 January, 2017

JT-60SA TF coils with conductor produced by ICAS, begin to be assembled at NAKA.
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6 October, 2016

ICAS has been assigned by CERN of the MgB2 sub-cables production for the HL-LHC Superconducting Link Project.
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25 July, 2016

The first Toroidal Field coil for the JT-60SA tokamak reactor, manufactured with conductors produced by ICAS, has arrived from Europe to the JT-60SA site in Naka, Japan, where its assembly will soon begin.
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19 July, 2016

The last European Poloidal Field conductor has been successfully produced at ICAS.
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5 May, 2016

A large-size rectangular Nb3Sn Cable-in-Conduit Conductor for the European DEMO Toroidal Field Coil, designed by ENEA and manufactured by ICAS partners, has been successfully tested at the EDIPO facility of the SPC (Switzerland), establishing new record performance.
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19 April, 2016

The first huge Toroidal Field coil for the ITER tokamak reactor has been successfully wound at ASG-La Spezia, using conductors produced by ICAS.
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10 March, 2016

The first Toroidal Field coil for the JT-60SA tokamak reactor, wound with conductors produced by ICAS, has been successfully tested at CEA-Saclay, France.
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